Entry-level positions available at North Dakota's oil rigs.

Employment opportunities in Bakken Oil Field

The oilfields of Bakken in North Dakota are suggested to explode potentially the biggest oil boom in the USA in recent years and decades. The need for both skilled and unskilled oil rig workers in North Dakota is great piece of news for the job seekers that look to apply for many of the vacancies to fill different positions that suggest big salaries even for entry level workers in oil industry.

When in comes to the oil job workforce market size of the state of North Dakota, the other online employment survey showed there are 3 jobs for every adult person that rezides within the area of the Bakken oil field, which can reduce the unemployment rate dramatically not only in the North Dakota, but also across the entire USA.

The North Dakota market for oil jobs has demonstrated high standards of requirements for entry level positions like roustabouts and roughnecks, as well as other vacancies the encompass plumbers, fitters of the pipelines, electricians, mechanics, oil drilling deck crew members, truck drivers, crane operators, as well as for positions in the maintenance, administration, catering and auxilliary units. Some of the oil drilling contractors offer on site training, often free of charge for the vacancies without prior experience of working on oil fields.

The salaries are generous, even a beginner entry level worker on oil rigs in North Dakota has earning potential around the chance of earning $US 100,000 per annum, if you only turn out that successful oil rig job candidate that has been lucky enough to qualify for one of the many North Dakota oil rig jobs.

Responsibilities of Roustabouts

Oil drilling crew staff on offshore platforms are the major part part of the entire team, and therefore recruiters for oil industry are in constant search to hire new workforce for theses positions, especially those directly involved in the manual operations that ensure proper transition of oil exploration drillig process. Being physically very demanding leeds to hands wearing out and ageing and therefore requiring fresh and young greenhand candidates.

Rigging roustabouts, maintenance manual laborers, drilling roustabouts

Land based roustabouts' job decriptions differ from the offshore platforms based ones, the same an many of the other positions. In fact, there are different types of roustabouts whose functions on an oil rig and in the production process differ.

Rigging roustabout is a position typically responsible for helping crane operator load and unload different objects and boxes with supplies and consumable materials by rigging them, and aftere getting enough experience with rigging can be moved to the vacancy of assistant crane operator, and further may become crane operator himself.

Maintenance roustabout responsibilities and duties mainly have to do with all kinds of cleaning, scrapping, scraching, cleaning, keeping order on the deck and everywhere, helping electricians, motormen, welders, mechanics etc. Drilling roustabouts work as part of drilling crew and assist driller helpers otherwise called roughnecks. The jobs are all weather outdoors, contrary to stewards that work indoors in catering department. Salaries differ, but normally are very good, much better than in other industries.

Oil Jobs, Employment in Williston, ND

Here are some of the oil rig jobs in Williston, North Dakota, offered by different employers in upstream oil and gas industry:

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