British Columbia oil drilling company hiring motormen, scaffolders, derrikmen.

Looking for work in the oil industry in Canada, British Columbia

One of the major engines of the Canadian economy is the oil industry. This country has become the world's sixth largest oil exporter and the biggest exporter to its neighbor, the United States.

The production is mainly concentrated in the province of Alberta, but British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Newfoundland no longer important. This industry is one of the best paying and are constantly in search of qualified personnel.

The most wanted professions are engineering technology (IT), management, trade and administration, also employ specialized, such as welders, pipe specialists, process operators and heavy equipment operators staff. People also do maintenance work, sales or project managers, among others.

If you are in search of work in Canada, the oil industry can be a good option for you. 3 large Canadian oil refiners are: Imperial Oil (Exxon Mobil), Husky Energy and Suncor Energy, Petro-bought latter.

Offshore and onshore Canada oil jobs could be found by regions:

Canadian Pipeline System

If you are interested in applying for positions working in oin and gas industry of Canada, then we provide you some tips in getting your job in oil companies that have operations in Canada and particulary in British Columbia:

Some tips for oil job seekers in Canada, British Columbia

If you are seeking oil employment in Canada, send your resume (Curriculum Vitae American version) and cover letter, you can open the door to the next stage of the oil recruitment process, however, non-downplay these, the interview can be the decisive factor for you to accomplish that job you crave in Canada event.

The interview allows you to interact with the interviewer and gives you the opportunity to show that it is you who must hire for this oil job.

Our experience has been that almost always the recruiter of the oil company will make a 'screening interview "(interview of about 20 minutes, telephone) and for this, they will try to verify that you are a suitable candidate for the oil position. They confirm that what you wrote in the resume matches your offshore experience and give you very general information responsibilities of office.

If you are preselected for Human Resources, will be invited to a personal interview with the hiring manager, who usually make you wonder both technical and behavior. If after this last interview you're still one of the favorite candidates for oil job, or better yet, the preferred, you can receive a bid or you can be invited to one or more interviews with one or several people in the offshore oil company before they make a decision of hiring you for desired oil job.

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  • This time we want to share with you a chart that got posted on multiple employment websites, but which we could not identify the author or the accuracy of the study. However, based on our experience we believe that, if the figures are not accurate should be close to it. The chart is published under the name "What You Wish You'd Known Before Your Oil Job Interview", and we can help you understand what to expect from the interviews and that way to get your offshore oil job.

    According to this chart, based on a survey of 2,000 employers: 33% of them said he knew in the first half minute of the interview if the interviewee would hire or not, 70% of them said they did not want to hire candidates who present with clothes trendy and 65% said that clothes can be the deciding factor between two similar candidates.

    Also it offers several tips to prepare you adequately for the interview, including: that you prepare to talk briefly about your offshore experience and investigate about the oil company that interviewed you.

    Typical questions that mentions the chart as more frequent and also, from experience we know that so regularly, are: 1) Tell me about yourself, 2) Why you left your last oil job ?, 3) What do you know about our oil company ?, 4) Why do you want to work in our oil company ?, 5) Tell me about your experience when you worked with...

    And according to the chart, among the errors most often include: 1) Do not show too much interest in the oil position for which you are interviewing, 2) too many explanations about the reasons why you left your last job, 3) failing to investigate properly about the company for which you are interviewing.

    And between body errors committed most frequently by respondents included: a weak handshake, cross your arms during the interview, bad position, play with your hair and not making eye contact.

    Those oil job seekers who went through several of these recruitment processes, know that there is a pattern that is repeated again and again by oil companies during this process, so that if you prepare properly there should be no surprises and should increase your chances of getting oil job to which you are applying.

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