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Dear Madam, Sir. I am an engineer in Electrical engineering from Pau university France and in Solar energy from Dalarna University Sweden, Currently doing an internship of 6 months at Oilgear Towler in Automation and supervision in Paris.

I am Moroccan, very relaxed with being in foreign countries, I do speak Arabic, English and French. Working in an offshore rig is a dream for me I would like if you give me the chance for an interview to show you my motvitation. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Offshore oil rig Engineering jobs

An offshore oil rigs are like a floating city, there constantly live on up to 1,000 workers performing their duties. Thus, in order to keep oil rig working 7/24/365 exploration company need all professional groups constantly. On an oil rig working is performed in 12-hour shifts typicaly 14/14 days so life on an oil rig can be demanding.

Starting from the actual drilling team, maintenance, service crew, administration/managing team to medical, engineers, geologists or even divers (underwater welders) and other low-skilled personnel like roustabout, roughneck, galleyhand, deckhands, floorhands etc..

What should you study in order to work on offshore oil rig?

Work on an oil platform is usually very well paid, even if you have the lowest level of pay in the platform. One of the main reasons for the relatively high wages for workers offshore is the major risk factor involved and the fact that workers need to live on the shelf for several weeks. Educational requirements depend entirely on the specific work, as in any other industry. Oil rigs engineering experts employ many workers and drivers, cleaners, cooks, medical workers, Drillers, Materials man positions, Barge Engineers, Pumpmans, Control Room Operators, Offshore Installation Managers, Assistant CRO (ACRO)s, Scuba divers, Drilling Engineers, Toolpushers, Plumbers, Maintenance Technicians, Foremans, Painters, Mechanical Engineers, Riggers, Rope access tecnicians, and other manual workers.

Offshore Engineering jobs

Senior subsea engineer/Subsea project engineer requires in Saudi Arabia. Middle East.

Mud Engineer / Mud logger position on oil rig in Qatar. 90k salary.

Offshore Electrical Engineer to operate and maintain the electrical equipment on oil rig in Middle east.

Drilling Engineer/Mud Engineer vacancy to work oil company operating in Iraq.

Mud logger position. Egypt, Middle East.

Petroleum Engineer offshore job

Nabors Industries: Experienced Barge Engineer free vacancy. Middle east.

Mechanical Engineer with offshore experience needed. Qatar, Middle east.

Entry-level oil rig jobs

For the most part, the jobs entry level does not require extensive education, provided they have completed compulsory schooling. As with any job on an oil rig to work in entry-level positions are required to be in a good health and physical condition and be able to commit to a long term contract and work hard throughout thereof. Some of them are: roughneck, Emergency Medical Attendant (EMA) general labor, manual labor, laundryman, dishwasher, steward, Paramedic, waiter, kitchen helper, deckands, kitchen cleaner, utility hand, greenhand, EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) roustabout, floorhand, galley hand.

Expert jobs on oil rigs

Many offshore jobs exist for more advanced specialists that work on oil rigs. With a large number of machines on board of any offshore platform, a team of engineers must constantly maintain the platform. These jobs generally require a higher level of education and a diploma in one of the engineering disciplines. A large number of employees on an oil drilling rig are engineers, also known as "Mud Engineers."


Much more important than grades in most cases is experience. Among the drilling of oil are the most common of laborers and other manual workers, so a good knowledge of mechanics will be very useful. If you work in construction or other jobs that require physical exertion, especially those related to mechanical engineering and will have a higher chance of getting a job in an oil company, regardless of your educational credentials actual platform.

Other Considerations to work offshore

As with any other type of work, an extended education in the field for which you apply can only be beneficial. Depending on your country, you may have to take a short course in advance that you will provide a certificate of safety. You must also pass several physicals and must be at least 18 years of age.

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