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Dear Sir,
Please find attached my Resume for the Entry Level Position/Job: Petroleum Engineer.I'm particularly interested for any opening / job, which relates strongly to my experience in Drilling Operations , Production Operations and Reservoir Engineering.

As Graduate Petroleum Engineer Trainee with Rasson Energy India Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad., from July 2013, I believe I meet all the essential criteria of the above mention offshore job.

I am now looking to take up roles in Drilling Operations / Production Operations / Reservoir Engineering with a leading organization of repute in Oil & Gas sector. I am open to assignments in office/field across India/Abroad

I am keen to join as a Petroleum Engineer in an organization which has a leading position in the industry, great organizational culture, spirit of innovation, professionalism that characterizes the firm and its employees. I am attracted to this role on account of the challenges that it offers.

I appreciate your taking the time to review my credentials and experience. Looking forward to a positive response.

Engineering vacancies:

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Reservoir Engineer jobs on offshore oil drilling rigs

Reservoir Engineers are working on offshore oil platforms to find cost-effective and environmentally safe way to extract oil and natural gas deposits under the seabed ways. Design offshore installations and drilling equipment, drilling supervision and are responsible for maximizing production.

Offshore Reservoir Engineers work activities.

The Oil rig Reservoir Rngineers jobs engaged in research, design, construction, operation and decommissioning (closure) established oil platforms at sea, used for drilling the seabed for oil and gas. There are several types of engineers on offshore oil platforms.

In the oil industry, engineers are dedicated to researching ways to improve the methods of finding oil reserves. For example, engineers try to find ways to streamline the process and more accurate drilling techniques and, therefore, more profitable.

Some engineers design oil drilling platforms installed offshore. To do this job, they must take into account the forces that affect the platform, such as wind, waves and strong currents. They build models of designs for new or improved drilling equipment, wave tanks and used to test the safety and durability of these models.

Reservoir Engineer job on offshore oil platforms/rigs

According to CNN Reservoir Engineer position is in top of the most payable jobs in America. With average pay of $179,000 Reservoir Engineer can make up to $254,000 offshore.

Computer design (CAD) assisted is the standard tool for the design of platforms and refineries. CAD tools allow to design the structures and displayed on the computer screen, and then use virtual reality systems for exploring a three-dimensional model. Then try to detect any problems that may arise before starting construction. They work with teams of highly skilled and experienced workers, including geologists and geophysicists, to help locate oil and gas.

New technologies are vital in this process. For example, have adapted new technologies applied to the image in space telescopes to decode the information on the type of rock that is being obtained. Reservoir Engineers can use satellite communications systems to control and operate the wells from anywhere on the planet.

Once oil or gas is found in an exploration well, reservoir engineers working together in team and with managers of the site, assess the amount of oil or gas is large enough to justify the development of large-scale reservoir.

Reservoir engineers are responsible for maximizing the production of oil or gas. They also have to ensure that the process is economically profitable mind.

Drilling Engineers job is to develop plans for drilling, considering the costs and time scales. In the drawings the program and the level of drilling wells indicated. Engineers monitor the drilling crew and are responsible for compliance with the standards of safety and environmental protection.

Production engineers job is to control wells and recommend ways to increase production efficiency. The oil and gas companies are facing high production costs, so they should make sure that they get a good energy efficiency.

Protecting the environment is a factor to take into account very important for engineers job on offshore oil exploration platforms. The oil and gas must be environmentally safe, yet must be economically profitable. The offshore oil platforms engineers job also include investigating ways to avoid spillage and leakage of waste, and manage them in order to reduce the amount of energy used in the process. If stopped or reduced the flow of oil, or any other problem arises the engineer must react quickly to find and diagnose errors and repair them as soon as possible.

Offshore oil platform Engineers do not solve the problem themselves physically, that is not their job, but seek creative solutions, practical, economical and safe, and then explain to the technicians and craftsmen who have to follow procedure for repair.

Some engineers jobs also implies investigate ways to use the power of wind, waves and currents. For example, they can design, build and operate generating energy from water power of the waves. Engineers must travel overseas by location of drilling operations.

Available Reservoir Engineers jobs

Vacancies for Reservoir Engineer, Barge Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Subsea Engineer, Drilling Engineer and other engineering jobs are available in the following countries: Syria, Tanzania, Arctic Region, Abu Dhabi, Peru, Cape Town, Pakistan, Israel, Netherlands, Ecuador, India, Nigeria, North Sea, South Africa, Turkmenistan, Taiwan, Venezuela, Philippines, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Africa, South Korea.

Engineers working on oil rigs should be prepared to spend long periods of time on the platform, living closely with other staff, as well as to withstand any weather condition.

Skills and personal characteristics. To get job and work as Reservoir Engineer on oil platforms requires:

Reservoir Engineer Job Competencies
Majority of job provided by:

Global Marine Drilling, Nabors, Dolphin Drilling, Altinex, Diamond Drilling, Rowan Companies, Tesco Drilling, ESSO, Japan Drilling Co, Petroleum industry, Prosafe, Transocean, Franklin Howard International, Geoservices, Acteon, Akita Drilling, ConocoPhillips, Fred. Olsen Energy, ExxonMobil, PEMEX, Schlumberger, Stena Drilling, China Oilfield Services, IKM Subsea Design.

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