Trainee jobs in Mexico:
  • Mud logger trainee job
  • Environmental Engineer job
  • Subsea Engineer
  • Mud Engineer trainee job
  • Trainee Rig Electrician
  • Electronic Technician job
  • Trainee Drilling Engineer
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Barge Engineer job
  • Motorman position
  • Trainee Electrical Engineer
  • Maintenance supervisor (Electrical)
  • Trainee Mechanic job
  • Mechanical Engineer position
  • Chief mechanic job
  • Trainee Mechanical position
  • Chief Electrician
  • Maintenance supervisor
  • Petroleum Engineer job
  • Materials man
  • Trainee Electronic technician
  • Assistant mechanic job

Trainee offshore Engineer jobs in Mexico

Modernization within the Department of Systems Engineering and Planning, under the Division of Civil Engineering and Geomatics, was proposed as part of the Special Topics in Civil Engineering II, provide, inter alia, the subject called Offshore Civil Engineering. This course aims to lay the foundation for the Faculty of Engineering are afforded to students in the 9th and 10th semester of Civil Engineering, the possibility of joining a field of professional activity of great importance to our country, the exploitation of offshore hydrocarbons. The magnitude of the projects undertaken by the universal engineering from 1978 Probe call Campeche, the oil industry has positioned itself within the country as the source of most important professional development for our engineers, as they demand the knowledge to plan design, build and operate the infrastructure to get the energy resources that the nation possesses rich area of southwestern Mexico.

In this exciting professional job, the participation of Mexican engineering infancy, since most of the procedures / jobs in engineering and construction, regulations, materials and equipment to this industry, i.e., of U.S. origin and / or European. As for young students who are about to finish his career and start his professional life, is a great challenge, go out with the basic knowledge to join this field of work in the oil industry, through Pemex Exploration and Production, the Mexican Petroleum Institute or private, national or foreign companies that run large projects.

Incoming resume (To obtain an engineering job/position):

Educational Qualification:
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering -Technical Board of Kerala, India(2006-2009)
Technical Qualifications
ASNT Level II in RT,UT,MPT,DPT; Successfully Completed PDO-PTW (Oman) Training.

Career Summary (Occupied jobs)
Warehouse Foreman Job For Oxydental Mukhiazna, (Feb 2012 to June 2012 )

  • Location and issuing of material to site
  • Find out the defective materials
  • Inspection of all receiving materials
  • Supervise the manpower that supplied to oxy
  • Controlling and Handling of all kind of construction materials

Permit Holder job For Petrogas Rima, (Aug 2011 to Feb 2012)

  • Ensure the site sanitation & cleanliness
  • Provide quality control and quality assurances to make sure that the purposes of the project
  • Obtain the materials required for construction and check them.
  • Juniors are helped with appropriate information related to construction.
  • Make sure that the entire safety standards related to the construction works are observed
  • Solve the construction problems efficiently.
  • Address the concerns of the workers and advice them on the subject of the Construction activities
  • Inform their employer about the progress in construction
  • Conduct a study on the site of construction

Asst Engineer QA/QC job UB Engineering Ltd, Pune (April 2010 to June 2011)
Handling the construction and quality control activities as specified in the Drawings and applicable standards and specifications, including fit-up checking, weld joint inspection, dye penetrate testing etc.

Trainee Engineer QA/QC job - UB Engineering Ltd (June 2009 to March 2010)

  • Controlling of Welding consumable
  • Weld Visual Inspection after Welding.
  • Review of Material Test Certificates.
  • Preparation of QAP.
  • Preparation of WPS.
  • Conduct Welder Qualification Test as per ASME-IX.
  • Inspection of fit-up of mark no. (Job) before its welding.
  • Welding consumable estimation.
  • Preparation of Welder Qualification Certificate.
  • Execution and Qualification of PQR.

Whereas the activity to develop projects for the exploitation of offshore oil demand skilled technicians in various disciplines of engineering and being the Faculty of Engineering, the nation's largest UNAM, which brings experience, student population and to develop critical mass training students in the disciplines that demand this specialized job, the Technical Board of the Faculty itself in 2001 authorized the delivery of the course entitled "Civil Offshore Engineering" for trainees which formally began in the second half of that year.

The purpose of it was adjusted to appeal to the student community to take the course to learn that this discipline is in order to prepare and professionally to be able to apply for trainee offshore jobs offered by the domestic industry in this field.

Among the tasks that demands the exploitation of offshore oil, civil engineering is a very important activity because it is the science that is responsible to plan, design, construct, transport and install the underlying infrastructure for production crude oil and gas offshore. This technology is developed by highly industrialized countries like the United States and some European countries, the characteristics of this endeavor industrial activities are developed in our country by foreign companies and technicians leaving out important field Mexican engineers, for lack of a preparation up to this activity.

Added to this, throughout Mexico there was no institution of higher education that prepare offshore engineers specialized in this field, to meet the demand that this industry claiming that develops major projects offshore hydrocarbon production. This being the reality that detonated transform a weakness into a great area of opportunity to lay the foundation for our highest seat of learning preparing civil engineers take on the challenges that we mark the dynamic development of the oil industry began national.

With that aims to create a professional development against which they can employ young professionals (Trainee Engineers), recent graduates and career with enough knowledge to be useful to industry, or where appropriate, continue their preparation at Masters which will result in the benefit of the professional to shorten the learning curve in that discipline, that for the good of the student community of our own Faculty of Mexican industry and in general of Mexico.

By taking responsibility to prepare professionals to meet the challenges that raising the offshore hydrocarbon exploration in the area of engineering, Faculty of Engineering of the UNAM as a first step given the task of establishing and creating the course "Offshore civil Engineering", which aims to inform the student community in offshore oil rig civil engineering is an area of professional development opportunity for future trainee engineers complete their degree, thus sowing the seeds for a new generation of professionals, novice, those with a rising theoretical and practical knowledge obtained at the end of the course in question or the best to continue to complete graduate studies in this field, join this activity in the different public and private entities that develop large projects that demand that branch of the national oil industry.

The course in question is organized theoretical and practical way. In the theoretical part is to introduce students to the different topics as part of civil engineering are necessary to carry out the planning, analysis, design, manufacturing, transportation, installation and servicing of the structures that together form the infrastructure the offshore oil industry rests; in the practical part are the students take trips to cities where they are manufactured and installed the platforms and subsea lines, basic construction that enables the exploitation of hydrocarbons offshore This is based on an interactive model which involves aligning the three entities that provide the appearance theoretical -practical for the purpose of preparing students and together with national private industry, be the vehicle to meet the demand for professionals trained in this field of professional action.

In the interactive model train students receiving knowledge gives them the critical hub of teachers available to the Faculty of Engineering and the Mexican Petroleum Institute, in addition to selected issues of offshore engineering which are provided by qualified members of those companies specialized in technical fields. With regard to the practical part, this is possible thanks to the participation of PEMEX Exploration and Production which allows us to visit the courtyards where manufacturing platforms and submarine pipelines are built, in the cities of Tampico, Tamps, Tuxpan, Veracruz, and the area of platforms that are located in the Campeche based in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche. Complementing this activity with a profound knowledge transfer by qualified technicians PEMEX Exploration and Production.

In terms of the mathematical models available to the technology for the analysis and design of marine structures, the Mexican Petroleum Institute supports us in practice so that students know and are familiar in these programs, including the SAC'S program.

Regarding the use of trained students, once completed the course, the same public and private entities benefit from the new workforce, to hire as engineers on specific projects, as interns in social work, to develop their professional thesis to pursue higher studies or master.

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