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Diver job in the Oil Platforms

Beyond coral reefs and beautiful beaches there are cities that never sleep. These are offshore oil platforms. Energy flows continuously and working hours have interruption. On oil rigs diving becomes an essential specialized activity and skilled workers in this branch are very demanded on labor market.

The divers on oil platforms unlike a work day for certain hours in an office, have meals together, working together, planning and objectives. The real differences are in the type of work, divers may be working 14 days on board and 14 days resting. The days are usually 12 hour shifts day and night. Human work groups consist of eight specialists divers, diving supervisor and superintendent. This way, everyone involved must be able to work with any of the tools, the impossible otherwise would carry through a job.

The underwater job is done by one person, rarely work two divers. Times each diver at work are determined by the depth and dive mode., 90 % of jobs are performed by the method of decompression to have a longer working time, this varies between one and four hours.

The rest of the turn is used in many other jobs, such as decompression in the hyperbaric chamber.

The dives and raises of diver are planned by a supervisor. Divers are monitored by a camera located in the board in order for constantly monitoring the work. The physical form is essential for divers.

The diving industry is a highly valued activity in places of offshore oil extraction, it is required to be in possession of certificates of industrial diving activities and underwater cutting and welding.

Diving as a profession dates back to ancient times. The first divers collected a variety of seafood as agencies serving food, sponges, corals and pearls mother. A Greek historian, Herodotus, wrote the story of a diver named Scyllis, who worked for the Persian king Xerxes in recovering sunken treasure V century.

In our day, industrial, commercial and known in many places, diving job plays an important role in the development of the petrochemical industry, allowing work in a hostile environment such as the submarine. The installation of ducts oil and gas along miles of seafloor, placement and maintenance of charging stations ships, underwater maintenance of complex processing and extraction of oil and gas in the commonly called oil platforms are industrial jobs that make diving a profession that requires expertise and continuous learning. Professionals who perform these jobs are familiar with power tools cutting and welding, works with equipment cleaning sand blasting, dredging, hydraulic brushes, impact guns, etc.. Also, one of the most important skills is the knowledge of mooring operations and cargo movements, as the crane operator known what happens to tens of meters deep (currents, visibility, cargo movement during decrease ) and the diver can only indicate how to maneuver the load coupling in the workplace.

Working alone

The lives of the divers on oil platforms not unlike a working day in an office at certain hours, meals, job boards, planning and objectives. The differences are really in the nature of work. The guards can be 14 days and 14 days aboard 28 days resting or working on board and 14 resting. The sessions are usually twelve hour shifts day or night. Humans working groups consist of eight specialists divers, diving supervisor and superintendent. This way, everyone involved must be able to work with any of the above tools. Otherwise it would be impossible to complete a job. Imagine that you run out of bottom time a diver and maneuver gets half. The works are carried out by a single person and rarely two divers down. Time each operator works are determined by the depth or diving mode used. 90% of the decompression dives are performed to provide a longer working time ranging from one to four hours. The rest of the shift is used for many other activities such as undergoing hyperbaric decompression chamber, tend to make partner, help lower tools, check the compressor or raise and lower the basket (when diving from a boat). It is organized so that all workers go through each of the functions.

The dives are planned by a supervisor and the diver raised before it. They are also monitored by a camera that is placed in the hull to constantly monitor operations in the workplace. The operations planning is essential as there are many ways to mobilize and staff. The equipment used are heavy. The staff team consists of a helmet or UBA MK21 Superlight about 12 kilos weight which is supplied with air from the surface or any breathing mixture (oxygen, helium, etc.. ). Cope with low water makes physical condition is important because an umbilical where air, communications, video and a guide lanyard sometimes up to 100 meters measured flows is dragged. Dry suits are chosen according to the method used. All types of industrial diving are governed by US.NAVY tables. The bottom times and depths are strictly followed by diving supervisors from the control area.

The diving industry is a highly valued activity in places marine oil extraction. You must be in possession of industrial diving certifications and specialties of underwater cutting and welding. But perhaps most important is to have experience in underwater maneuvers. In areas like the North Sea and the United States wages a worker receives these features is high, but experience is also required which is difficult to achieve if not in similar locations. In other areas, such as Mexico, more than 250 oil platforms that offer a great opportunity for young divers to gain experience, while the salary received is not as attractive.

Incoming CVs

Sir, I have 13 years of experience in working as a welder. I have 8 years work experience in oil & gas field with chicago bridge & iron as a welding lead man. i worked as a 6 G welder in qatar gtl project. recently i came from kuwait after completion of a part of koc project .also i had one year welding experience in tengiz chevroil (worley parsons) kazakhisthan.

I have 2 years experience as a marine welder in oil birth construction with stfa oman I have a huge array of experience that I believe you can take advantage of my professional capacity, including conducting experiments and tests, evaluating data to assist other welders, and fitting and fabricating metal parts. With such experiences and skills, I believe I will be able to satisfy all the requirements of the job and safety I enclosed my resume with this letter for your ready reference. I am available any time at your convenience. I thank you in advance for time in considering my application.

NAVI diver looking for offshore job

I'm submitting an application for the offshore work, on oilrigs as roustabout/floorhand with experience. I do have OPITO approved BOSIET incl. HUET and EBS. Available at immediate notice. As ex-NAVY diver, looking for the job, where team work and safe efficient strict ruled job is paramount. Physically fit, hard motivated, easy learning, looking for active job with promotional possibilities. I am offering to company my strength, activity, experience working with multicultural team, ability to work and learn. I look forward to discussing my possible work and can be reached by email at romanas.polovcevas@gmail.com or by phone at +370 657 57 213

Professional Diver. Freelance looking for offshore job

Professional experience September2009- April2014 Professional Diver. Freelance
Vertisub S.L. Hyperbaric work in Barcelona and Poland - Gdansk, and maintenace of industrial dams.
PortZone S.L. Underwater construction in the Barcelona industrial port.
Contratas Submarinas S.L. Maintenance of hydroelectric dams.
Santaella S.L. Underwater construction in the Barcelona industrial port.
Total Access S.L. Working in the maintenance of the port of Badalona.
January 2009- July 2009 Assistant Manager
Hormigo- Corte S.L. Working as an assistant manager in tunnel construction for drilling/cutting company with specialized machinery.
July 2006- November 2008 Factory worker
Coraci S.A Maintenance and operation of different machinery. Painting and welding.
September 2004 - April 2006 Spanish Army.

2012 Minimum Industry Safety Training Course - Opito Approved (MIST) and Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training Course- Opito Approved (BOSIET) in the National Maritime College of Ireland.
2011 Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Course.
2011 Standards of Training and Watchkeeping International Convention Course (STCW95)
2011 Safety 60hours completed for Company Vertisub S.L. Course
2011 Vertical Rope Work Off Basic I Course - Anetva Approved.
2010 Course Completed for company Vertisub S.L in the prevention of tunnel damage and avoiding general risks in tunnel construction.
2009 Technical Course in Professional Diving. Official certificate in Spain for Professional Diving.

I am a flexible outgoing person. I like to get to know new places therefore I have no problem being relocated. Apart from my skills mentioned I also hold a driving licence

Ex Forces & Ex military offshore jobs

Works well with others but can also be relied upon to work unsupervised and achieve deadlines. A reliable, enthusiastic and dedicated Team Leader with security clearance, used to spending extended periods working away from home. Shows flexibility in taking on a wide range of tasks. Highly motivated with impeccable time keeping, leads by example and demands the same high standards of those working around him. Works well with others but can also be relied upon to work unsupervised and achieve deadlines. Has achieved an unblemished record throughout a 12 year career in the Royal Navy, operating in particularly challenging and varied environments, including conflicts and humanitarian situations.

Experienced in offshore firefighting techniques, flight deck / helideck operations, watch keeping, supervisory roles and upper deck maintenance.

  • Team Leader of support section for pre deployment training unit. Setting up training areas, and running opposition force sections for training scenarios.
  • In charge of a team of during sonar operations and exercises. Duties included quality control of operators as well as on the job continuation and refresher training.
  • Managed an upper deck maintenance team, planning and organising daily tasks and quality controlling work. Pragmatic
  • Responded to rapidly changing situations while conducting the role of Deck Supervisor on board various ships. Directing a team of sometimes inexperienced members in a challenging and dangerous environment.
  • Supervised Operations Room Watches while at sea, responding to different situations as they arose.


  • Experienced in talking over radio networks in either day to day or high pressure environments, often with poor reception and/or communicating with non-native English speakers.
  • Radio Operator for Naval Gunfire Support team on board ship. Required to keep a clear head and process information in high pressure and time sensitive situations, where accuracy is key.
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    Sudan, Aberdeen, Mumbai, North Sea, Philippines, Abu Dhabi, Ghana, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Greenfield, Alberta, United Arab Emirates, Equatorial Guinea, Egypt, Canada, UK, Cape Town, Chad, Italy, Arctic Region, Ecuador, South Korea, Bakersfield, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Congo, Pakistan, Algeria, Greenland, Mozambique, Massachusetts, Africa, Brazil, Cote d'Ivoire, Norway, Qatar, Namibia, Cameroon, Ireland, Syria, Midland horizon, Israel, Indonesia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Iraq, Somalia, Colombia, Peru, Ethiopia, Netherlands, Taiwan, India, Lafayette, Oman, Gabon, Tunisia, Angola, Singapore, Scotland, Tanzania, South Africa, Dubai, Iran, Libya, Jordan, Australia, Turkmenistan, Mauritania, Rwanda, Kuwait, Uruguay, Newfoundland.

    Career History ROYAL NAVY PRE DEPLOYMENT TRAINING UNIT Support Team Leader - 2013 present
    HMS LANCASTER Leading Seaman - 2011 2013
    ROYAL NAVY PRE DEPLOYMENT TRAINING UNIT Support Team Leader - 2010 2011
    HMS ST ALBANS Leading Seaman - 2008 2010
    Royal Navy Joined 2002
    Summit Construction 2000 2002 Tesco 1997 2000


    • BTEC Level 3 Management 2014
    • ILM Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading 2007
    • City & Guilds Basic Engineering Competences 2006
    • City & Guilds Working With Others 2002
    • City & Guilds Improving Own Learning And Performance 2002

    Training and Continuous Professional Development

    • BOSIET
    • MIST
    • Greenhand Training
    • OPITO Banksman/Slinger Stage 1
    • OGUK Medical + Norwegian Sector
    • Certificate of Fitness for ERT Duties
    • STCW95 Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
    • Ship Security Officer
    • Port Facilities Security Officer
    • Military Leadership Training
    • Military Sea Survival Training
    • Military Fire Fighting Training
    • Basic Aircraft Fire fighting, Crash Rescue Procedures and Rotary Wing Operations
    • National & International CPC Road Haulage Management

    Additional Information

    • Full UK Driving Licence
    • Class C HGV Licence, Driver CPC
    • National/International CPC Haulage Management
    • RTITB Counterbalance Fork Lift Operator
    • RTITB Reach Fork Lift Operator
    • Non Smoker
    • ELCAS Funding available
    • Security Clearance

    Leisure Interests: Scuba Diving, BSAC Dive Leader, Reading, Cycling, Rugby, Hiking.

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