Direct oil jobs. Offshore rig electrical positions in The Gulf of Mexico.

Rig electrical jobs on oil rigs in The Gulf of Mexico

The Mexican Evya Group generates more than 1,000 direct oil jobs per month on average and 600 indirect oil jobs, so it has established itself as a leader in the engineering and construction of oil platforms and housing for the offshore oil market, from the port of Dos Bocas.

This is a company that since 2005 under contract to manage partial transfer of rights, the only terminal specializing in construction and maintenance of oil platforms in the southeast of Mexico.

Thanks to the advantages of its geographical location and vocation of the oil port of Dos Bocas, the company has developed a huge oil business that generates big amount of oil jobs for labor market.

Since 2011, with the award of several contracts by PEMEX, for the construction of housing modules, auxiliary structures and oil platforms, Group Evya, works supported by a roster of national service providers and foreign specialized tasks like repairs afloat, welding, underwater inspections, among others; generating specific jobs for local labor.

The Port of Dos Bocas, Multipurpose Terminal and Industrial Park 70 hectares, have become the reference point for the development of project cargoes and the establishment of oil companies operating the Gulf of Mexico.

Jobs in The Gulf of Mexico

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Looking for offshoe oil rig job for electrician.

Employment history / summary of responsibilities:

April 2014 - Present: UMW Offshore Drilling Sdn Bhd as Night Electrician working on Naga 3 (4th generation) cyber jack up rig in Vietnam.

July 2013 - Mar 2014 Petra Resources Sdn Bhd, Miri as Electrician (9 months)

  • Assisting SHELL CSU Inspector inspecting and verifying EXs equipments, components on Gas Turbine Generators for Gumusut Kakap FPS projects offshore Sabah.
  • Perform punch list corrective tasks.

    Mar 2013 - May 2013: Offshore Engineering Resources Pte Ltd as rig Electrician (3 months). Working on board Heavy Lift 4200t Pipe Lay Barge at ASL shipyard, Singapore.

    • Daily and weekly check on all electrical equipments on offshore oil rig.
    • Split unit's air conditioning installation.
    • Maintenance of 5 levels AHU, cleaning evaporators and tightening of v-belts.
    • Repair of sewage float switches and replacing tank levels switches.
    • Replacing fan blades for exhaust and supply ventilation system.
    • Repair portable grinders and blowers for welders.
    • Installation of lighting fixtures, switches and receptacles.

    Mar 2012 - Jun 2012: Frigstad Offshore Pte Ltd as temporary Assistant Rig Electrician (4 months). Working offshore on board semi-sub rig KanTan VI at KEPPEL FELS, Singapore.

    • Lots of lighting repairs and replacing of damage lighting fixtures.
    • Trouble shooting faults on fire detection systems on offshore oil rig.
    • Hook up and commissioning new Mud pump blower motors.
    • Trouble shoot faults aft crane boom and crown mast helicopter warning lighting system.
    • Running of fibre optic and power cables.

    Jan 2012 - Feb 2012: Daya Sheffield Sdn Bhd, Miri as relief night shift Electrician job (1 month). Working offshore on board semi-sub Songa Mercur rig of Songa Offshore in Sabah waters.

  • Lots of lighting repairs and replacing of heavy old type lighting fixtures.
  • Maintenance works in 120V, 240V and 480V distribution panels.
  • Maintenance on HPU and Rig Air Compressors. July 2011 - Aug 2011 Oilfield Workforce Ltd, Singapore as temporary Electrician (2 months) Working on board tender Triumph 101 rig of Merlin Offshore at Malaysia Marine Heavy Engineering Shipyard, Johore Bahru. DUTIES:
  • Assist Chief Electrician in the installation and testing of electrical equipments for drilling packages.
  • Preventive maintenance on 480V MCC panels.
  • Hook-up power cables and terminations for Shale shakers.
  • Cleaning of A/C condensers.

    Oct 2006 - Aug 2010: Diamond Offshore Drilling Incorporation as Electrician II (3 years 11 months). Working experience on board semi-sub Ocean General rig offshore Vietnam (stand alone), Ocean Epoch Rig offshore Malaysia and Western Australia and on jack-up Ocean Sovereign rig offshore Surabaya.
    Jobs / Responsibilities:

    • DODI Preventive Maintenance System.
    • Upgrading works for BOP, running of cables during rig tow.
    • Changing out of DC motors for Mud pumps, Draw works, Rotary and Anchor Winches.
    • Clearing punch list on explosion-proof related electrical equipments on rig floor, Mud pump room and at Mud pit area.
    • Changing out of generator and Baylor brake.
    • Replacing and repair works on air conditioning /refrigeration compressor system.
    • Trouble shooting and repairs on 600V SCR system, Oily water separator, Omni pure and subsea camera system (fibre optic)

    Nov 2002 - Oct 2006: Omac Services Sdn Bhd, Miri. (4 years)

    • As Assistant Electrician on semi-sub Ocean Baroness and Ocean Rover cyber rigs of Diamond Offshore at KEPPEL FELS and offshore Malaysia.
    • Relief Asst. Electrician (night shift) on jack-up West Prospero cyber rig of Seadrill Ltd.
    • As Assistant Electrician on jack-up Vicksburg rig of Atwood Oceanics.
    • Carried out plan maintenance on electrical equipments on offshore oil rig.
    • Performing job of changing out of AC motors and Baylor brake on offshore rig.
    • Running of cables and installation for fire and smoke detection systems
    • Air conditioning and lighting repairs.

    Dec 1999 - July 2002: Dayang Enterprise Sdn Bhd, Miri as E & I Technician. (2 years 8 months). Working on projects for SHELL and PETRONAS installations offshore Malaysia.

    • Operating of the nitrogen / air purging system for hot work operations.
    • General electrical works, installation of transmitters, hook-up and commissioning on oil rig.
    • Replacing 114 lighting fixtures at Tembungo Living Quarter's Platform (stand alone).
    • Assisting IDP vendor troubleshooting of crude oil transfer pump/Waukesha engine and control panel.

    May 1989 - Jun 1999: Panca Mega Sdn Bhd, Brunei Darussalam as Assistant Electrician (10 years 2 months). Working on jack-up Sedneth Luanda, Trident 12 and tender Searex 11 offshore rigs of Sedco. Forex International Incorporation.
    Jobs / tasks:

  • Plan and implement maintenance on minor, major and critical drilling equipments - Mud Pumps, Top Drives, Draw Works, Shale Shakers, CATS Generators, AC motors, Air Conditionings, MCC 480Vdistribution panels, Jacking motors, Cranes, Lighting systems, Transformers, Battery systems.
  • Changing bearings in AC motors.
  • Dismantling and reassembly of Top drives DC motor.
  • Upgrading works on public address communication systems and monitoring systems.
  • Removal of Ross Hill SCR Breakers.

    Jan 1988 - Dec 1988 Comex (M) Sdn Bhd, Miri as Electrical Fitter (1 year). Working on board Sarmex Utama barge offshore Malaysia.

    • Welding of brackets.
    • Installation of cable trays.
    • Glands, terminations and dressing of cables.
    • Assisting Barge Electrician.

    Jan 1982 - Nov 1987: Sarawak Electricity Supply Corporation, Miri as Miscellaneous Technician (5 years 11 months)

    • Apply knowledge on customer service.
    • Attend and Checking power failures on residential housing.
    • Trouble shooting on fault finding situations at sub-stations.
    • Assist Electrical Engineers in replacing of high tension fuses.

    leaving: To Gain Offshore Experience.

    Luxury hotels on oil platforms

    As we all know the bottom of the sea are also a source of oil, as in the case of the Gulf of Mexico where offshore companies are extracting this finite resource, which once removed in its entirety, they are left abandoned oil platforms. Previously a lot of workers worked on these offshore oil platforms but now they are useless. Because of this, some 4,000 oil platforms will be decommissioned in the Gulf of Mexico.

    So the question is what to do with these platforms that are no longer profitable and which are junk? Some say that the best is dinamitarlas, but this really severely affect marine life, so it is not at all recommended.

    In this search, the design firm Morris architects has proposed a solution which incidentally is quite creative and striking at once. Morris proposes to convert floating oil rigs in luxury hotels . For this the company has designed a collection of prefabricated modules that convert platforms habitable artificial islands . If this project see the light, the hotel will have all the amenities and recreational facilities like swimming pool, solarium, quay, etc..

    To all this, I wonder if there are travelers willing to stay in these floating hotels, and when nature would punish through the frequent hurricanes that occur in the area. And like all accommodations, this will also produce tons of waste have thought that do not pollute the ...

    Professional training and development

    2014 Confined Space Entry (Expired in 2017)
    2010 Rig Base Safety Trainings in DODI Process, Hands off and Lifeboat
    2009 Rig Base Safety Trainings in Hand Tools and Hand Awareness
    2009 Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas -COMPEX (Cert No: 21573)
    2008 Refrigerant Recovery & Ventilation (Cert No: Universal)
    2007 Safety Leadership (Perth Safety Dept.)
    2007 Rig Base Safety Trainings in Safety Case Awareness, Crosby Rigging, Drop Object, Drug & Alcohol
    2007 Top Drive Electrical (Singapore)
    2007 SCR Intermediate (Singapore)
    2006 Rig Base Safety Trainings in Permit to Work and Lock Tag & Try System
    2006 World Wide Web Competency Electrician II
    2006 World Wide Web Competency Electrician Assistant (UK)
    2005 Rig Base Safety Trainings in Hazard Waste Management, Survival Suit / Craft & PFD, Fire Fighting & SCBA, Confined Space Entry, Job Safety Analysis, Respirator, Hazard Communication and Basic First Aid
    2000 Hydrogen Sulphide Safety Training (SMTC)
    1998 Electrical Power Management (Woodward Governor Company)
    1998 Air Conditioning Seminar on Refrigerant Transition and Recovery Certification Program (Cert No: 2998191AP)
    1998 Top Quality Management (Cert No: S02984706)
    1995 Module VI for Mechanic (Cert No: S05956351)
    1993 Module VII for Electrician (Cert No: S09936098)
    1990 Basic Air Conditioning and Refrigeration NANCE
    1987 Quality Control Circle (Sarawak Electricity Supply Corporation)
    1983 Industrial Safety I & II (National Productivity Centre)

    Demonstrated skills and abilities

  • Good Team Player
  • Ability to Motivate Others
  • Friendly and Approachable
  • Flexible and Forward Thinking
  • Able to work autonomously
  • Excellent Leadership Skills
  • Excellent Time Management Skills
  • Excellent Problem Solving Skills
  • Enthusiastic, Honest and Reliable
  • Have a Great Sense of Humour
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