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To get cleared to start working on offshore oil installation regardless of the type, a person is required to be IADC Card holder (IADC stands for International Association of Drilling Contractors) confirming that he or she has had the authorized number of hours of basic classroom training covering main aspects of onshore and offshore drilling theory and practice, and the safety rules and measures to be observed. Needless to remind, but still let's put it clear once again: no person will ever be allowed to set their foot on the deck of offshore oil rig unless they can produce their valid offshore survival certificate (BOSIET, FOET, HUET, MIST or equivalent).

Some of the entry level offshore oil rig jobs that don't require experience rated by popularity:

These are by far not all entry-level positions on the offshore oil rigs, but the other normally do require training and certification - even galley hand in the catering department.

Working on offshore oil rigs

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What you are supposed to do on oil rig as your job, depends largely on the environment, rig location, type of oil well the oil exploration facility is design to drill, the technology that would be used for drilling oil well that any specific oil exploration company utilizes, and many more. Just for the sake of having better outlook and understand your place and your specific in the process of oil drilling rig functioning process offshore, here is a brief classification of the rig types:

  1. Platforms. Oil drilling platforms are stationary maritime installations used for drilling or extracting oil.
  2. Jack up rigs. These installations consist of the deck, on which the oil rig actually stands and which is supported by steel telescopic props that stand on the sea bed. Once the props are on the sea bed and the deck is above the sea surface, the jack up rig becomes stationary. That occurs at the times, when drilling is performed. When the jack-up rig needs to me moved to the next location, the legs are lifted from the ocean floor, and the jack up becomes floatable. In the floatable position, when it lies on the sea surface, it's being tugged by a tugboat (or several of them) to the next oil drilling location. The same as platforms, jack up rigs are designed for oil deposits exploration in shallow offshore waters.
  3. Semi submersible floaters. These are the installations that are being kept afloat by very big pontoons. By either having those pontoons filled by water or removing water from inside them, the semi submersibles' positioning against the water level gets adjusted.
  4. Drillships. These are vessels carrying a drilling appliance specially designed to drill for oil offshore the continental shelf. By their outer appearance drillships remind tankers. Their sophisticated positioning equipment allow these vessels to maintain stationary position on the sea surface during oil drilling process even at the time of the strongest storm.

Semi submersibles and drillships are typically used to drill new wells during the exploration phase while looking for fresh oil deposits.

Both the biggest oil exploration companies like Chevron, Transocean, Shell, Rowan, Pacific Drilling etc. as well as smaller size oil drilling contractors like Texas based Atwood Oceanics, all have deepwater drillship fleets or units in their disposal. Your rig job, even entry level like roustabout or electronic technician, may be aboard one of such. Are you a retired sailor? Your chances to get hired and start a career in offshore drilling are simply formidable, and most of all you may be suited for drillship.

The profits of the oil and gas companies nowadays continue to grow regardless of the growth or decline of the crude oil production volumes. From the other hand, an unmet demand for oil in the world demonstrates steady trend for increase regardless of the crude oil price. The situation can be explained by the fact that the oil companies invest a significant portion of their income in the acquisition of the new modern and expensive oil drilling equipment, hardly seeing sense in the expansion of the oil production at the expense of the existing gradually aging technologies and machinery. From such investments the oil companies win many times, but it is not only them, who win: the longer last the world's oil reserves, the longer these impressive earnings of the simple hard working guys roustabouts and roughnecks doing the dirtiest part of the job on offshore oil rigs will stay there. At present time a lot of new oil drilling platforms and oil exploration vessels are being built on the shipyards across the world. These various oil drilling and oil extraction installations and units are just waiting to be put into operation by setting them to the places where the results of exploration in the sea and on land prompt the presence of the remaining oil reserves. This is a good news, because it means more jobs in the oil exploration and in the global oil & gas industry.

Recession or no recession, recruitment for oil drilling industry goes on: Advance Global Recruitment gave announcement for the selection of 2 X Subsea Engineers with prior experience of work on semi-submersibles for a project offshore Brazil. Successful candidates will be granted a long-term employment contract, generous salary and lots of the incentives/bonuses.

Companies that offer oil rig jobs

Another oil rig vacancies provider for the USA has been Atwood Oceanics, provider of the drilling services for major oil and gas corporations worldwide. As of the time of writing this review, this smaller oil well drilling contractor had 13 drilling rigs scattered across the world and performing oil exploration missions in different locations, including offshore Australia. Besides the jack up rigs they are constructing three modern drillships that could drill to depths of 40,000 feet. This company's head office is in Houston, TX, and it is known to be hiring, at least their website says the applications for the vacancies can be submitted via online application form. In part we discovered they needed electricians to work on offshore oil rigs and oil drilling units with wide range of the responsibilities and high level of competence. The other announced vacancies were: Safety Training Coordinator to work on High-Speck Jackups and quite a number of job openings for drillships: electronic technician, materials coordinator and night materials coordinator, electrician, offshore installation manager (OIM), toolpusher, radio operator, assistant driller, derrickman, subsea supervisor, but of course, no entry level vacancies like roustabout or roughneck that are considered most popular for greenhorns. There's also an office for this company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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