Welding jobs offshore: advice & tips on becoming oil rig welder

Although most underwater welders make about $ US 75 per hour, it not at all surprising to find someone that will make as much as $ US 100 per hour for an 8 hour day. Compensation for delivering some welding tasks is very lucrative if you have all required skills of welding under water on an oil rig at sea.

Becoming an offshore welder is primarily a matter of experience and training, the opportunity is always there for those who are prepared and studious. If becoming a sea welder is an ambition of yours, then it is a fairly standard set for what is needed to apply. However, if you follow all instructions listed below, your chances to get a job increases dramatically against other ones who have not done so.

It is important that you have become a certified welder before applying to work at sea, and preferably have a good amount of experience under its belt as well. The reason for this is that the offshore environment is challenging enough by itself. The fact that you are certified shows that you have already achieved some heights in your career and gained some experience. Thus the employer will more likely choose your candidature.

If you have not yet become a certified welder, or are still in school, stay in school and complete all needed technical studies before considering applying job.

Once you have got the certificate welder can apply position on an oil rig. Of course that your position will be the first assistant welder it will help you become familiar with all the principles and distinctions unique to working on-shore. After that, you will be working with a welder or experienced welders who can teach the craft of working in an offshore platform and train in the use of specialized equipment that can be used on platforms.

The required certificates are HUET, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training under water, first aid and survival training at sea. Believe me, these courses you really have to do, make no mistake, working at sea is dangerous. A recent helicopter crash transporting 19 workers from Scotland to the North Sea platforms shows the value of training - 19 man on board survived that crash, and all of them had the necessary training to do so.

The reality is that only a few people can qualify for a vacancy as a welder at sea. If you have been diving for years and you can weld very well, then there may be a position for you in the ranks of welders at sea. Offshore welders are paid some of the highest salaries that are available to offshore teams, and the offers to good offshore welders are generally plentiful.

Here is a guide to starting work in the field of underwater welding.

Joining diving career

If you want to apply for underwater welder job on oil rig you mast to be a certified welder and a commercial diver. According to the American Welding Society (AWS) the person must be capable of welding standards AWS Welding Code D3.6M. Other welding functions must be performed on an as-needed. This facility can provide you wide range of certifications:

A certified welder with any other related experience must first attend a commercial diving school. Diving contractors typically require a welder-diver to show skills in welding underwater and on land. Then a diving contractor expects the welder-diver to pass qualification tests and achieving certification in accordance with AWS D3.6M Underwater Welding Code.

If you are a commercial diver, it is best to contact diving contractors to see what their specific project requirements meet your underwater welding standards . Candidate needs to first become commercial diver and then get trained as an underwater welder. Certification in scuba diving can not be considered equal or a substitute to the commercial diver certification.

As recommended by the Association of Diving Contractors, commercial diving training includes learning commercial security diving equipment, fishing commercial work environments, safety standards and other issues determined by the Diving Association consensus standards Contractors Commercial Diving Operations.

There are no age restrictions for tech diver. It is important to be physically fit and conduct annual checkups. It is a general requirement that all divers welders comply with annual physical immersion.

Pay scales for divers say, in Saudi Arabia, can range from $ 100,000 to $ 250,000 a year depending on the number of the projects that a diver takes. Generally, a welder-diver is paid by the project, depending on the skills and other factors, payment rates may vary.

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