Offshore Night cook Job

Offshore Night cook Job Requirements

Keeping an offshore oil platform operational for 24 hours a day means that it is essential to serve crew alimentation even at night. The Night cook or Night Baker is the entry level position for cooks in the offshore catering that supposes preparing dishes and maintaining cleanliness in kitchen/galley at graveyard shifts. This is one of the most demanded offshore cooking jobs meanwhile amazing opportunity for career builders since a worker services as a Night cook/Baker as a rule could be promoted to Chef/Head cook.

On position of an offshore night cook, one will be responsible for serving and cooking flavorsome and nourishing dishes for all members of oil rig crews during the night shift. His expertise also involves maintaining and providing smooth kitchen operation along with routine tasks. Offshore night cook is also supposed to meet the highest sanitation and safety standards of country of operation, as well as follow to the offshore site's rules and the crew's nutrient requirements.

How much does an Offshore Night cook can make?

According to the median Offshore cook salary in the US is $23,437 as of February 26, 2020, however the salary varies between $20,056 and $28,616.

What are the duties of an Offshore Night cook?

As a Night cook, one is responsible for preparing the midnight meals and breakfast, position also involves baking bread rolls, biscuits, desserts. Common responsibilities of Night cook are as follows:

Offshore night cook's personal qualities

Due to the fact that one will be laboring at graveyard shift and early hours of the mornings candidate must be attentive, careful and efficient. Whether it is offshore or any other working environment night shifts are always associated with higher risks. That's why night cook working oversees is expected to be highly disciplined and follow all regulations implicitly.

As well as excellent physical condition and ability to work extremely efficiently Offshore Night cook also expected to have strong work ethic. That means employee will be happy to see you always be punctual, productive, finish tasks in a timely and efficient manner, being honest and hardworking team player. Yes, oil rig crew is some kind of family where all members are literally in same boat, so willing to go the extra mile to serve the crew is probably one of the main feature appreciated offshore.

Strong technical skills and accomplished problem-solving skills will help to manage high-stress environments. Flexibility is also required for adapt to changing menus.

Night Backer screening and certifications

Along with brilliant cooking skills, in majority cases applicant will be asked to pass through training programs and earn required certifications. cook certification programs will provide hands-on experience in operations management and solid knowledge of food preparation theory and how to manage a galley, including food, beverage, menu creation, and labor management.

The most demanded certificates are:

Food Safe Certificate – basic and essential for anyone working in offshore catering and gives additional advantage; Food Safety Level 1 or Food Safety Level 2;

OGUK Medical and Food Handler Certificate – Essential for offshore catering personnel medical examination, including alcohol and drug screening;

BOSIET, FOET, HUET – basic offshore safety certificates;

Offshore First Aid Certificate;

Previous experience

It is vast advantage for candidates with offshore and catering working experience. Line cooks, cook Apprentices, Second cooks are welcome in galley of any offshore facility. At the other side former army servant, has good opportunity to find offshore oil rig cook job, especially Navy cook / Culinary Specialists (CS).

Points to keep in mind once making decision to enter offshore catering industry

Background checks and drug screening

Criminal background checks and passing drug and alcohol screening is essential part of getting offshore job. Offshore oil companies are always scrupulous when it comes to hire new worker. Since offshore oil rig is potentially higher-risk site to work at an extensive background checks are conducted on each applicant, especially for positions at senior levels. In this way employer ensures crew's safety and high-level working performance.

Prospective Night Backer is also required to undergo drug and alcohol screens. Pre-employment and random screens anytime you are on oil rig. Post-accident drug and alcohol screening is also obligatory for every person on the site.

Is smoking allowed / banned on offshore oil rigs?

Depending on offshore oil rig type, kind of performing operations and country of operation smoking ban may differ. For example, smoking may be totally prohibited during important operations associated with very high fire hazard, such as drilling on offshore oil rigs, offloading crude oil onto a tanker on FSO, FPSO, FDPSO, FSRU units. Majority of offshore rigs allows smoking on limited open areas, far away from the drill deck or flammable substances and liquids like petroleum, oil, ethanol and other acid & alkali solutions.

However, there are rigs where smoking is totally prohibited across whole site. Anyway, non-smokers are more likely will be hired anywhere offshore. If you are non-smoker you should emphasize this fact in your CV that will give you a bit advantage while looking for offshore job.

Though Offshore Night cook is working in galley far from drilling deck and not involved in working with hazardous flammable materials - the rules and safety regulations are mandatory for all crew members from Trainee Roustabout to Rig Manager – key person on oil rig.


Due the project based nature of this job it involves travelling all over the world and working far away from home. Among our clients there are contractors that operate at the same time in Trinidad and Tobago, The Gulf of Mexico, The North Sea, Qatar and even more destinations. Hence one may be asked to prolong his trip beyond what was initially planned.

In conclusion

Offshore Night cook is a great entry-level opportunity to start your offshore catering career. It provides lots of benefits and decent remuneration however position is quite demanding. Make sure you meet all the requirements for this jobs and ready for long-time travelling. If you sure you want this position go on and send your CV.

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