Offshore cooking jobs and catering jobs on platforms

How to get cooking job on offshore oil rig. Apply for catering job vacancy

Camp boss offshore vacancies on oil rigs. Entry level positions for caterers, galley hands with no experience, and kitchen helpers

Another good way to enter oil industry with absolutely no experience in drilling or sailing, with no special skills and even no need in high resistance to physical loads id the following. If you can cook that would be enough to take your position on oil rig.

Offshore catering is an exciting way to enter the lucrative field of work overseas in oil drilling industry, and it is open to almost anyone who is looking for a change and is willing to commit to the rigors of working offshore. Unlike many jobs offshore, this one requires no previous offshore experience. For this reason, being hired by a catering company offshore is a strategic means used by many to start a high paid career overseas. While the rest can not answer the question whether they have previous experience of working in the open sea, for you it does not matter. You only need a little experience in catering on land or at sea - there is no difference. Starting as a kitchen cleaner, utility hand or galley hand does not seem a very elegant way to start a new career, but it is a good investment in your future, and if played well, will present numerous opportunities in the future.

Once you got your first position at the entry level in high sea, there is a relatively simple process to move up the career ladder. At each promotion step you'll be able to receive on the job training, for example the next stepping stone for galley hand be any of the available low end offshore cooking jobs like Night Baker or Nigh cook. From there, one can become chef of day / lead cook, waiter, cook, and ultimately, even the camp boss.

The financial rewards increase dramatically as you gain experience and progress along the career path of catering, as well as the status and the benefits. It is quite simple if you are a young and ambitious man. If you are willing to work hard and learn, you will be surprised how many people who have more experience and working in a more responsible role to reach out and help you climb the ladder. There may be equal training at work experience, but if you state clearly that you want to become a cook, then those opportunities will be given to you. On the other hand, if it is your desire to join rig or deck, opportunities are available for you too. Once you have experience at sea, you can search for a work as a laborer or rigger, on the same platform it is a fairly simple process.

Working Offshore will present the opportunity to meet people and make valuable contacts, and let you have a little insider help get a job in another department. If you have some inclination to mechanisms you can go to become a crane operator assistant. As a roustabout, you could go to become the tool pusher, or even head driller. In these positions, you will have real job security, because the demand for leaders with experience in the offshore industry is higher than for any job available. Offshore catering offers many opportunities, not only in the catering department, but in any career you can choose in future. For these reasons, joining a catering service at sea must be a very smart career move, one that you could benefit from for the rest of your life.

Catering companies to choose from to get on oil rig

Offshore cooking jobs provide some of the best opportunities to enter the offshore drilling industry. Whether your ambition is to become a chef, or look for an opportunity to get on the drilling crew, there are plenty of ways to make a career and move up the ladder once your foot in the door, and offshore cook is a great way to make career.

The cooks on an oil rig are usually part of the catering crew, which includes the camp boss, bakers, managers, galley hands, utility hands. On smaller platforms, some of these functions can be combined, for example, the administrator could be the cook of day as well as in charge of managing the kitchen and cleaning staff. In the largest oil platforms, you will find various positions of many of these jobs.

Most offshore drilling and oil rig servicing companies contract the catering companies to outsource the catering from them. This means your best chance of being hired to work on an oil rig is to hire directly with the caterers. Some of the best service companies and best-known foods that cater offshore are Sodexo, Trinidad vacation, Delta catering, Taylor International, and Sonoco, these catering companies are based in the USA.

Sodexo is international, and employs people on oil rigs in 80 countries worldwide. Globally, employing more than 350,000 people. Working for Sodexo offers an incredible opportunity for the ambitious, namely, the opportunity to work worldwide. If you love traveling, then Sodexo is a great company to consider working for.

In Canada, Reliance Offshore is the company to work for, and have a lot of openings \ opportunities. They are unique among the caterers at sea in which to recruit for a variety of positions at sea, not just for catering, but also hire sailors, fitters, welders, machinists, electricians and crane operators, among others.

All these companies have online application forms, and they all have openings. As an example, the catering of the Delta, a company of 34 years offshore catering, is hiring experienced chefs, and offers a competitive salary, credit, medical and dental insurance, and a 401 k. They are also accepting applications for the cleaning staff.

If you have no experience in the kitchen, you can still get in as a galley hand, and learn the trade on the workplace. If you are determined and persistent, and apply to all the above, you are almost certain to find work and get job placement. If you are able, you should consider a trip to Louisiana and apply to catering companies based in Lafayette, in person - call first, but the application in person is really the way to go - you could start to work the next day.

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