Offshore roustabout jobs openings in Norway

And not only in Norway! There many rigs in Western Africa that provide general labor openings in countries such as: Burkina Faso, Benin, Côte D'Ivoire, Cape Verde, Ghana, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Togo

So many people in the world are turning to the Internet to find roustabout jobs offshore because they are sick and tired of not being able to find a perfect high paying job they would enjoy. Most likely you've landed on this post because you're looking for new job that would pay better. Maybe you have just got fired and now using the Internet to try to find a new job.

No matter why you have landed on this site, here you can find all you need to know about searching for entry level positions of roustabout offshore. Once you completed reading this post you will have no questions any more regarding how to get hired as a roustabout offshore.

What is Roustabout?

A roustabout is the entry-level position for anyone who is considering the possibility of getting hired for a job on an oil platform. Many people are looking for these types of jobs because they realize that these ones are very popular and in high demand. Unlike most jobs that people earn their living with, these jobs are not going away. After all, any country's demand and the consumption of petroleum rises.

How to Find Off-Shore Roustabout job entry-level openings

Firstly, if you are looking for jobs as offshore roustabout, you, as a candidate for a greenhand roustabout position, need to realize that unlike most jobs this one can be hard to find. you will not find these types of jobs listed in your local newspaper. In fact, many people who are looking for these types of jobs are having trouble locating them because they have no idea how to start searching for them the right way.

One thing you need to know is that there are companies that offer assistance in finding offshore jobs. Of course, when you find the recruiters, you'll realize that most of the recruiting agencies ask for a fee. The main reason they charge a fee to use their services is because they will do all the leg work so you have better chance of getting hired.

In fact, one of the main reasons that you should use one of these companies to find the offshore jobs openings for roustabout is because they have a database with all oil rig openings in the United States and any other worlds' destination (Norway, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Mexico, Africa etc). Whether you are looking for a job here in the USA or abroad, they will know what positions are open or closed in the real time.

Get your roustabout position in Norway

StatoilHydro - Norway based, the biggest oil company by revenue in the Nordic region. The company is an integrated oil company with production operations in 13 countries web site allows to see Statoil opens at Garces, there you get options for visitors to submit their CV's.

Sunoco U.S.. Headquartered in Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania.

Total SA - headquartered in La Défense (France). Its activity is present shows in more than 130 countries, the compamy employs about 111,000 people. Visit to submit your deckhand CV directly.

Spanish worker tells about his offshore experience on oil rigs off shore of Norway and other countries worldwide

In the bottom of the sea, that's where the oil opens doors to a world away from the crisis providng great job expectations for some Spanish men and women of the working age. There are many companies with platforms engaged in exploration and production of gas and oil from the reservoirs lying beneath the seabed. Roberto works on one of such platforms. A graduate of the Ecole des Mines de Madrid, he spent 5 years working as a LWD (Logging While Drilling) engineer, whose main responsibilities included recording the well while drilling and evaluating real-time training. "It is a dynamic work combined with an unstable life, you often never know the time you'll be at sea", he says from the platform located in the Mediterranean.

Norway, Italy, Israel, Cyprus, Sweden, Scotland, Abu Dhabi, USA ... Countless flights, countless projects and little time to spend with the family as described by the engineer who has taken courses in preparation and survival to perform the job. Having overcome the courses (including the emergency water landing) and physical examination you get a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), provided by the company that includes helmet, boots, overalls, goggles and gloves.

The size of the platform is almost as small town or village, it varies depending on the kind. Now I work in one measuring 77 x 104 meters, says Roberto. They may be fixed or floating and are rented by oil construction companies according to their needs at high costs. The fixed ones used in shallow water and often have drilling and production facilities, have a maximum capacity of 400 people and the rent can reach 373,000 euros a day. The floating platforms have a maximum capacity of 200 people. For these ones daily rent amount can reach up to 1,045,000 euros.

The work never stops there. Specialists must control every detail and be prepared in case of the emergency. So rig crew is trained weekly with emergency drills. The shifts are 12 hours and each worker must adapt: what for some workers is the breakfast, for others it is lunch or dinner: "I have spent almost three weeks night shift, now I changed to tomorrow to accustom my body to the normal schedule." As a continuous activity each specialist has a partner with the same scope of duties that covers the opposite shift while the other rests. Each platform should have a medical doctor because helicopters can take between 30 and 60 minutes to arrive. "Now I am 300 km from the coast," says Roberto, this distance is equivalent to that between Madrid and Valencia to reach the nearest hospital.

The offshore platform crew consists 95 percent from men. Employer have improved their working and rest conditions. The most modern environment is in Norway, where the rooms have bunk beds which are intended for peers performing the same function. "Hopefully you have a private bathroom, wifi, telephone and television," says Roberto. However, it is not always possible to enjoy these features, so workers on oil rigs must have patience and mental readiness to stay in a "floating prison". Spending weeks at sea is not easy, there are no schedules or weekends and hardly any ways to entertain yourself. "

Depending on the class, an offshore platform may be equipped with Internet access, movie theater, gym, bingo, ping-pong, football, and even the most modern have squash courts, which, as described by the engineer. "Each seeks his own way of entertaining, I sometimes go running, and I've even saw fishing companions." Summer is approaching and it's the time to relax. The only wish of many is to replace the the sea by asphalt - ironically, I would like to step to land.

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