Entry level, roustabouts and roughnecks

And not only entry level, derrickman job is also in high demand on oil platforms

Oil Jobs On Offshore Rigs With No Experience

Get hired in the offshore oil drilling sector and change your life dramatically. Only six month working, while getting salary twice or even three times exceeding the remuneration you'd earn on land in any industry, other than oil & gas for the same job. Stop working for a fraction of your skills worth now.

An entry level oil rig job seeker can apply without any prior experience or even without formal education, but you can't be someone who is lazy or who lacks talent, or good technical inclinations, or ability to learn and pick up new skills and habits quickly as you go. Roustabouts, roughnecks, galleyhands in the kitchen (kitchen helpers), scaffolders and many other positions existing on oil platform or a rig, require those holding these positions to be physically fit, medically healthy, ready and able to accept the challenges posed by often hostile weather conditions, that at some times turn dangerous. After all, that why all jobs on the oil rigs, even that of an ordinary dishwasher pays extremely well.

Even the simplest job of roustabout or roughneck requires the ability to develop dexterity and sleight while handling heavy duty mechanisms. In any case, if you have any kind of training or expertise you gained in a different industry, they may turn out applicable and transferable to the practical knowledge needed in the upstream oil and gas industry. The most popular and both needed professionals on offshore oil rigs must be those certified in electricity or with mechanical skills, and the guy who are good in handle different mechanisms. As for the previous training - it won't hurt to have one.

The more so, if you used to study as say electrician or mechanic, and turned out able ready to complete the course, it is indicative to the recruiters that you are a person who can be taught things. No mechanical skills and not too apt with electricity? OK, you may be someone who is good at cooking. If so, great entry-level opportunities exist in catering department. If not as an assistant cook or cook's apprentice, successful candidate may start as galley hand. By the way, even you didn't go to college, but have been trained as paramedic, these people are also required on the offshore oil exploration and extraction installations, though without a certificate or diploma the salary they earn is, of course, lower. Many people started very humbly, but then made their way very quickly from the bottom upwards to the top of the career ladder on offshore oil drilling platforms.

An option overlooked by many is to apply by walking in the office, where the hiring for the oil company actually takes place, and to speak in person to the people at HR department. For candidates with no experience it would be both preferable and beneficial to apply for a position on a land based oil rig. Lots of oil fields that offer jobs can be found in North Dakota, Texas, New Mexico, Canada's Alberta and other provinces. Positions like roustabout, derrickman, roughneck, driller and many other have the same responsibilities as on offshore oil platforms. Though the pay is smaller, the work itself is much less safer either. This is a win win situation, but the best and most valuable that you get on land based oil drilling facilities is the experience in the oil &gas industry, which will literally open you a door, when you opt to apply for job offshore, say off the shore of Gulf of Mexico.

Rowan Companies, Inc.
2800 Post Oak Blvd.
5450 Transco Tower
Houston, TX 77056

This corporation has been drilling for oil exploration projects GOM and worldwide. The company owns subsidiaries to support their main activities connected with oil rigs. Offers College-Roustabout summer job program and hires Roustabouts without experience. Also land rig fleet.

This online guide can prompt you how to act in many situations and which websites could turn out handy in this or that situation. Beware of the scams that exist in online oil rig employment. Anyway, there's hardly an industry where the scams don't exist these days. There are online automated services that specialize in offshore job resumé writing and submission. Normally such sites charge small one time nominal fee or ask you to buy year-long membership, and such approach is very time saving, it's positive. Read more on the discussion boards and forums specializing in oil rig employment discussion issues, where you will find veterans of oil rigs or people with experience time from time snaring some information and providing sound advice you won't find or read in any formal sources. Before applying for an entry level offshore job it's beneficial that you learn things about industry and come to understand exactly what and in which succession you must do in order to stand out from the rest and get shortlisted for the final interview.

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Liberia Subsea Engineering Oil & Gas Jobs

Various positions in upstream oil industry is continuously required in Liberia, especially professional positions that offer very attractive salaries. Authorized recruiters were noticed to search for SURF Installation Engineer to work on a median term contract lasting 4 6 months that could be renewed, though. The main responsibilities would be defined as related to ensuring the engineering aspect of installing offshore deepwater subsea structures at the FEED and Engineering stages. The position would be responsible before and report directly to the SURF team leader. The other engineering positions making team to solve the tasks together with would be the following: piping design engineers, installation specialist engineers, pipeline/flowline engineers, riser lead technicians. Requirements: at least 5 years of practical experience in the field, should be the EU citizen or permanent resident or holder of the valid permit to work in Liberia.

Oil Drilling Employment, Indonesia

France based contractor seeking for Drilling Specialist to work on contract in Indonesia, the duration of employment is 12 months. This oil rig job is located in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, the compensation offered by employer: Rate: $US1000 - $US1500 per week net, tax free. Successful candidate should hold at least a Bachelor's degree in Engineering, have over 15 years of experience in the oil drilling, from which at least 5 years of working in a senior engineering or supervisory position overlooking offshore drilling, be competent in horizontal drilling. Need to be the national of Indonesia or hold a valid work permit allowing that person to be employed in the region or in that specific country.

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