Offshore platform deck crew jobs in the Gulf of Mexico

Job openings worldwide: motorman, deckhand, roughneck, driller, toolpusher, derrick man needed.

Oil rig deck crew jobs

A well organized and skilled crew is essential to the success of a drilling operation. There are lots of positions in oil drilling crew, from entry level to expert levels ( all of them are paid well), are available for job seekers interested in oil exploration. Some drilling operations provide job training, which can add valuable work experience for your resume. If you do not mind doing heavy physical work and relevant experience, then employers can find you an ideal position to rig.

Tower Operator of Derrick hand

The work of the tower operator or derrick hand is mostly limited to the drilling rig. The typical workspace a derrick hand is a raised platform attached to the derrick or mast. One of the main working functions of tower operator is maneuvering head of drill pipe in proper alignment of its area whenever if needed. Conducts assessment tasks as measuring mud density and viscosity of the mud, under the instructions of mud engineer. Derrick hand is also responsible for maintaining the drilling fluid in a working condition. It is a physically strenuous job that requires the individual to work under different climatic conditions for long periods of time and to handle heavy equipment and this is potentially dangerous work.

Oil and gas drilling platforms in gulf of Mexico provides deck crew job openings. And not only deck crew but also catering / cooking crew needed.

Oil deckhand job openings

Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) - Exploitation of energy resources (mainly oil and natural gas) in Mexico, Enter web, dePemex About, Human Resources, unload the Certificate of Inclusion and send it to or present personally.


The main function of a rig mechanic is equipment maintenance. The motorman controls the drilling motors and other mechanical equipment on the platform to the proper functioning and take all necessary measures, including lubrication and regular maintenance to keep everything in working condition. The motorman helps derrickman, needed. Maneuvering the engine requires heavy equipment handling and working under different weather conditions, can also be required to work with a rope access.


Oil drilling is a key position in the drill crew, responsible for a variety of tasks, such as starting drilling operations. The driller must know the nature of the work of each job on the platform, which is the reason why most of the time the drillers are people who rose through rows after working in several deck crew positions. A driller assigns job responsibilities for all members of the crew and guides safety procedures to be followed during work. Decides where the team has to set up the rig and maintains accurate documentation for all drilling operations. In the position of a driller, a person has to be prepared to work in all weather conditions at the site, as well as groundwater, as required. In addition to the physical demands, the position can be also mentally challenging, since applicant for the position in the capacity of driller is responsible for safety of the entire crew.


The Roustabout is responsible for keeping the platform clean, removing hazardous waste components and providing the materials needed for the drilling crew. Roustabout has to furnish the the expendable supplies needed for operation of the drilling equipment, including heavy equipment. Roustabout can also perform other tasks such as installation, repair and maintenance of drilling equipment and support or substitute the other members of the rig crew if needed. Manual laborer jobs require high endurance, as workers work in a variety of climatic conditions and move heavy equipment around the deck.

Working on oil rigs

We will not deny that this sector is the most complex of the three we have discussed. But the lack of expertise in this field ensures a job that is fixed and quite well paid. Revenues in this type of work are considerably higher than those of any ground work. In addition, the cost of accommodation, food and transportation are paid by the company, turning the experience into an important source of income.

The life and work in these facilities are hard. The offshore extreme isolation and conditions of extreme cold and heat are an issue to consider when accepting a job of such characteristics.

Shifts vary from company to company. From the 21 days off for every 14 worked until a rest period similar to the time worked, there are also companies that offer no rest until the job is not finished. The overtime hours are paid for generously.

The working day is the longest, with an average of 80-100 hours per week. Meanwhile, free time available is one of the main attractions of the same, taking lots to devote to personal activities or perform other office.

It is, therefore, very hard work but well paid, with lots of free time and offers the possibility to travel to distant and unfamiliar places and meeting people from around the world.

Job Requirements

The first thing required for the post is that the applicant is of age. Good health and fitness are also essential requirements, such conditions have to be proved by a physical examination performed by doctors of the company in question, and various tests for the detection of drugs or banned substances is what every oil rig employee or worker is required to pass randomely from time to time.

Bofer applying for a position in the different sectors of oil industry, an applicant is recommended to review the specific requirements of different positions available in order to see and make sure if one is really ready for experience on offshore oil rigs of the magnitude that has been described.

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