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Australia oil rig jobs. Getting started

Getting started has been always hard within this industry, especially when it comes to landing your very first job on Australian oil rigs. From the other hand, just a little bit of your own research on the Internet would confirm there's plenty of offers from head hunters and Australian oil drilling companies themselves - the companies are interested in inflow of new workforce to replace the old one as it ages. Yes, new oil rig vacancies have always been and will be available out there for the taking on the Australian oil drilling platforms, even for people without any previous experience of actually having worked offshore.

The offers come from Skye Recruitment - Brisbane, QLD, UGL Limited Port Hedland, WA, Cpg Consulting - Toowoomba West, QLD, Progressive Recruitment - Queensland, Fuse Recruitment - Brisbane, QLD, Hays Oil & Gas - Queensland, from Hudson Highland Group - Brisbane, QLD, West Perth headquartered Command Group, and many others, just have a look on listings and the number of positions waiting to be filled by eligible or suitable candidates.

Alas, all they need or prefer experienced people, even if it is the most popular entry level vacancies of roustabouts, roughnecks or the staff in catering or support roles. Good piece of news, though, inexperienced hands are also needed - everyone at some time had no experience, but had started somewhere, learning and picking up the skills in the course of performing the duties on the oil rigs, and in Australia as well. You never succeed unless you try. The question is where to start from and how to start so your cv would be what the recruiters for oil rigs in Australia expect to see there while reading it. It makes sense finding the way of without running risk of being rejected because of entering false or misleading data in your online application form.

Being honest has always been the best policy. Hence, the major piece of my advice for the oil rig job seekers is the following. Don't lie so you wouldn't get blacklisted instead of getting started effortlessly, especially since such an opportunity does exist for people without prior experience looking to get employed at offshore oil drilling platforms and ships off Australia coast. You could start lucrative career on the oil rigs tomorrow, just take a time to learn the right way and the right place to try put your foot in the door of this exciting oil drilling industry that offers the majestic salary for everyone inside.

At least some of the basic related training would be very beneficial, so you could outline in your cv you are going to submit via an online cv submission service like one that we recommend, Rigworker.

When talking about handy training for oil rigs what we recommend is not going to the University or college, but using one of many online training courses that could be as short as 5 days or as long as six months. Or better master any of the skills in mining, or try to work for a while as assistant crane operator, or in the logistics, or a member of a conventional fire fighting team on land, or as window washer at skyscrapers should it happen that you used to practice mountain climbing as a kind of sport.

Again, the online training programs, some of them, have connections within mining, construction etc. industry and could bring you in contact with the people who make the hiring decisions. These won't fail to be noticed later on when you feel you are ready to submit your application to one of those companies hiring new personnel to work on the oil rigs of Australia or elsewhere. Actually, the geographical position of the platform doesn't mean much, since the rig workers are often being flown to and from the drilling location at the employer's expense, be it Aberdeen offshore location in Scotland or oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

Job seekers who have been lucky to get hired after interview need to be emotionally stable, healthy, physically strong individuals who are drug free and do not feel frustrated by long weeks away from family, friends, and home environment they're accustomed to. After all, these are compensated by the generous salaries in the offshore oil drilling as well as opportunity to travel the world and work hand by hand with some truly great people, the tough guys at sea like roughnecks, as they are.

After your preparation period as you have scheduled it by setting your preliminary thresholds you normally will be provided by the list of the oil rig representatives whose business is to look for proper individuals worldwide for working in Australian oil and gas sector and be the first to view positions available even if they aren't advertised but sooner kept for the elect.

The entry level income that roustabout could expect is the question everyone is curious about. That could be something ranging $50,000 - $68,000 for just half year of working in the oil drilling offshore Australia. You have 6 other months off, and you may use it as freely, as you wish, either for recreation or for earning even more money on land, if you feel this is what you are after most of all, nobody restricts you in this respect. Also, the advancement in the Australian and generally worldwide oil drilling industry is very rapid. You could be promoted to the next position in as little time of working as, say roustabout/roughneck, as four or six months. It depends on your desire and ability to learn. Once onboard offshore oil extraction platform, you may enroll one of the many courses permanently run for the rig workers free of charge by the oil rig administration. You could proceed in your elect career on the Australian oil rigs very quickly indeed, just be motivated.

Yes, you hear it right:

No-experience-needed offshore drilling jobs in Australia are available for grabbing

But you ask again: how do I get started, if I have no experience? The other people say:

Whether it's the time of the recession or the time when oil and gas industry is booming, there's a big number of the drilling rigs across the world needing to be manned. In the longer perspective the number of the oil jobs can be predicted with much assurance to outstrip the continuously growing IT and finance jobs. Did you realize that? This gives good reason to stop hesitating and reflecting whether to start or not and being doubtful asking how do I get started with an oil rig job. After all, as long as you are young and active individual regardless of your gender, if you're motivated and ambitious, persistent in the course of achieving goals and don't mind getting your hands a bit dirty, the opportunities can be defined as very real and exciting, to put it optimistic way. As soon as candidate is something like described above, he or she shouldn't be having real trouble about getting started as greenhand. You are in trouble if you are staying idle.

Should it occur you're oil rig career minded but still with no practical experience, a very valid option no doubt is to get first hired and get started with related job offered on land-based oil rig. Though there is less excitement, jobs there are very similar to what you'd do offshore, roustabout vacancies are continuously opened. You really don't need much experience if any to get hired as a general laborer and make your way to the roughneck very quickly, if not afraid of hard manual manual labor. The job is less stressful and risky to get damaged. If you reveal organizational inclinations, then being appointed to supervise team of fellow roughnecks or roustabout could lead to granting you position is the administration with the further prospects of getting hired in the same capacity offshore or master skills necessary for specialized and better paid positions such as driller or a derrickman. Demonstrate diligence, work hard, set goals, reach them and it's very realistic to thus move up the ladder to become a driller, which would leave yourself just step away from the rig manager within as little time as five years or so.

At start university degree could be of very little use to get hired by an offshore oil rig in Australia, while technical certificate or document confirming you have passed oil drilling related courses as a motorman, mechanic, pipe fitter, electrician, truck driver or even a cook could improve your chances dramatically, to say nothing of your having served for some time in the military. If you've got a diploma of a certified nurse, that's great either. Normally you don't have to hold diploma of a physician to get employed as medic on the Australian oil offshore rig. Although people working aboard oil drilling platform are generally healthy individuals, accidents and injuries always happen, which means there's always something to do for medic on offshore oil rig. By the way, did you know that medic normally is a member of the management board, when it comes to Australian oil exploration platforms? This is a member of the crew entitled for decision making.

And lastly, if you are completely serious about outperforming the other candidates for entry level oil rig vacancies, learn more about some of the standard certifications that would be of importance regardless of the place in the world meaning the jurisdictions you could end up getting hired for your first greenhand position on oil rigs. These include offshore survival / firefighting course (obligatory for the UK). While without valid First Aid certificate you reduce your chances to be hired in some of places regulated by the laws of Canada. Many of the US states adopted their own regulations that are strictly adhered to. That all is because similarly to vessels, offshore oil facilities fall under the provisions of the maritime laws, and Australia doesn't make exception.

So much having been said, the bottom line is: there's nothing unusual or mysterious about the way the people get started with offshore oil rig employment, and you could too. Just work towards your goal, learn skills, be physically fit, start from working in the related field, gain experience, be determined and it is possible that very soon you'll have secured your very well paid position on one of the world's acting 1200 offshore drilling rigs.

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