Find your high paying position on oil platforms of Africa, Mexico and USA

One day on an oil rig

The helicopter company Statoil takes an hour just to transfer their passengers from Stavanger to Statfjord platform. On a platform like Statfjord live permanently at least four people. For those who have never been in one, most of my readers, I suppose, life is pretty tough there. Each day consists of fifteen hours of intense work, certainly in difficult conditions and in isolation voltage.

Safety is a constant obsession, particularly the risk of leakage. Until the company hired the best divers in the world in order that they plunged hundreds of meters in depth to check the status of supports columns. These divers were to live two weeks claustrophobically locked in hyperbaric chambers to their body at a constant pressure in order to descend into such depths.

Work on an oil rig always been associated as a dangerous and very difficult job, it is also very well paid. We can say that all this is true, many of the jobs are at high risk areas of the high seas, adverse weather conditions, heavy machinery, gears, sudden changes in temperature and endless working days.

It is clear that not all platform employees are subject to the same level of danger because series of events and conditions in which they are performed will vary depending on the type.Thus, one part of the workforce as a engineer, geologists, managers, and others working in offices while drillers have to do their work directly on the deck and divers working underwater in thouthand meters in depth.

Salaries depend on the risk level, qualification, and responsibility level

Storeman - Organization of goods and supplies and their proper inventory and staff provide everything they need to carry out their respective duties. $ 35,000 per year

Ordinary seaman, wiper, dishwashers, waiter and kitchen help. Different cleaning stalls, service and cuisine. Around $ 22,000 per year

What are the best paid offshore jobs on oil fields of Africa, Mexico and USA?

Roustabout - Responsible for general duties on board such as cleaning and maintenance. $ 35,000 per year

Responsible for catering - Head of this department, whose function covers everything related to food preparation and quality control. $ 44,000 per year

Cook - Supervises the work of preparation of all food and is responsible for all the workers in charge of the kitchen. They can promote catering department manager. $ 38,000 per year

Driller - Responsible for all drilling processes and the machinery used in oil production. Being a position of great responsibility, Driller supervises all staff engaged in drilling process. The salary is $US 65,000 per year

Drilling Engineer - monitors drilling operations and is responsible for the coordination between the exploration and production departments regarding innovative and advanced drilling techniques. Researches possible solutions and sets objectives at any given phase, fixing ongoing problems and identifying potential issues that might arise, recommending the solutions as to resolving them. The salary for the position of Drilling Engineer is $US 70,000 or so, depending on the needs of the oil drilling contrator and the scope of operations.

Crane operator - is responsible for operating system installation cranes, the salary is $US 50,000 a year

Diver - Responsible for the completion of all work and underwater tasks under the direction of the engineer of the department or his assistant. Inspects and repairs different underwater mechanisms and machinery, and is in charge of scuba diving equipment and sample collection. Earns somewhere around $US 50,000 a year

Mechanic - Responsible for the maintenance of all mechanical installations of the platform through executing appropriate repairs, can be promoted to become a Chief Mechanic. $ 43,000 per year

Electrician - Responsible for the daily operations including maintenance and repairs of the electrical systems installation and the circuits, the salary associated with the job of Offshore Electrician is $US 43,000 per year

These are just some of the applications for good low end candidate's training/education/skills that can be found on oil rig. The demand for different types of engineers to supervise and direct different aspects of offshore oil production is just huge. Are you a retired Airforce pilot? The rigs will be more than happy to offer such a candidate quite a specific job of helicopter pilot who earns the annual salary $US 55,000 - 120,000 depending on the experience and working hours combined.

Safety training in oil and gas industry

So, if you are an experienced professional (geologist, electrician, welder, crane operator, cook, galley hand etc.) and you want to start your offshore career, keep in mind that safety on offshore oil rig always comes first and foremost. That's why before even setting his foot on the deck, each rig worker is obligated to pass additional dafety examination and get certain certificates confirming his eligibility to work in often hazardeous and risky environment that offshore oil drilling facilities are associated with.

Here goes the list of training centers that are providing safety trainings and certifications for working on offshore oil rigs. You can trust them, these ones are serious companies that provide formal training and have been approved by offshore sector safety bodies. Falck Nutec safety and crisis management courses, DHTC Emergency Response Team courses, SAIO Safety Training providing practical training for offshore operational personnel and their immediate supervisors, OPITO approved Petans and East Coast Training at Gt Yarmouth in South Eastern UK for onboard an offshore platform manager and Offshore Safety Representatives. Also: Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training at Blackpool and The Fylde College, HOTA Onshore and Offshore training courses approved by the OPITO, Petrofac Training courses – UK / Europe: Offshore survival training, firefighting, emergency response, rigging and lifting, health and safety training - the list goes on and on, find out more by calling 0845 606 2 909

As you can understand, there are many more available outside Europe.

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