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Although land based oil & gas oil rigs are located in 48 states across the USA, territorially the whole of 60% of the onshore oil rig workers are employed on the oil rigs in 4 states only. These leading US oil production states are Oklahoma, Texas, California, and Louisiana. As you can see, three states out of the four, with the exception of Oklahoma, border on the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. The upsream companies extracting oil and gas on the territories of the 3 states have oil drilling facilities both on land and offshore.

In Louisiana oil rigs can be seen everywhere, and the employment opportunites that they provide for people wishing to do the hard physical labor in roustabout positions are numerous and never ending. Like California and Texas, Louisiana's oil & gas industry offers choice of getting hired as roustabout both at inland rigs and offshore oil drilling facilities. You come across the silhouettes of oil rigs on Louisiana marshes as often as you can see them while cruising off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Numerous oil rigs is the first thing that catches your eye as soon as you check out on the outskirts of New Orleans, and they continue to pop up along the highways whichever direction you choose to drive by car.

In fact, it never matters where in Louisiana you are positioned geographically, the oil rigs are always within an easy reach, the same as opportunities of getting entry level job as roustabout or whatever. If you are thinking of getting hired in oil and gas industry, Louisiana could be the ideal place to start at entry level, because a jobseker won't have to travel far away either to get interviewed or to work once you've been lucky to land that roustabout job to try your chances on oil rigs. Naturally, your very first job in lucrative oil drilling industry in Louisiana should be at land based oil rigs - that's where the necessary experience is being gained normally before it becomes realistic to apply for similar, but much better paid roustabout opening in offshore sector.

What is peculiar about roustabout oil rig vacancies in Louisiana in the terms of costs involved in trying to enter this career is that you have it two in one here. The other locations would offer either offshore or onshore oil rig employment, while in Louisiana the same oil exploration company may operate both types of oil rigs, simultaneously being contracted for completing several projects on the continent and offshore.

Here goes the brief list of locations in Louisiana, where land based rigs or active oil wells that require servicing and oil rig servicing companies offices or representatives are located, and where roustabouts and their closest trade brothers roughnecks may be needed:

Some of the latest announcements:

Full time oil rig work in Shreveport, LA is offered. New jobs made available each next day by measure the old staff retires, gets promoted to higher positions on oil rigs, or new vacancies created. Oil rig workers required, some without previous experience of working on oil fields. Hands on training is available for skilled employees as well as for greenhorns wishing to pick up new skills.

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Again, both land based and offshore roustabouts are being hired by the oil companies in Louisiana, so you have both options to choose from.

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